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Hair Extensions

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Superior IPL Treatments Now Available!

The Spectrum 2000 is amongst the most technically advanced IPL machines on the market today. Treatments are fast and efficient and you will see results faster than with most machines on the market.

Permanent hair reduction, Pigmentation, Vascular and Facial Rejuvenation. Book your free consult today!

Our Guarantee

If in the unlikely event your not 100% satisfied with your treatment we will redo your treatment or refund your money no questions asked!


Absolute Cosmetic Medicine visiting glow 2014

Wrinkle Relaxers, Dermal Fillers and Surgery consults will be held at glow experience, enquire today!

Gloss Hair Extensions

The Fashion Secret of Celebrities and Super Models!

GLOSS Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions use 100% human hair and are the latest must have fashion accessory.

Now you can have beautiful, thick, long, luscious looking tresses in minutes. Whether you have fine hair that needs fullness and volume, or hair that just never seems to grow, GLOSS Natural Clip-In Hair

Extensions give you sensational, natural looking hair

that up until now you have only dreamt of.

Lightweight and easy to use, these virtually undetectable clip in hair extensions can be

attached or removed in a matter of minutes, unlike bonded extensions which can damage

and weaken your hair, are costly, and an ongoing expense to maintain.

You can instantly change your look day-to-day depending on your mood! And with our

Glamour Collection comprising of 5 individual pieces (45cm of length), you can achieve a variety of glamorous looks.

GLOSS Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions are totally reusable and can be treated just like your own hair - they can be flat-ironed straight or curly (do not perm) and your hairdresser may add colour (a few shades darker) if required with a semi-permanent (do not lighten), cut and style the extensions to give you a hot new look. Available in eight colour shades, GLOSS Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions are a quick, simple and economical way to add length, volume and texture to your hair. Just look at our features:

- 100% Grade AAA silky human hair

- Can be coloured a few shades darker

with a semi-permanent (do not lighten)

- Can be flat ironed straight or curly

- Can be cut and styled into your existing hairstyle

- Totally reusable, long lasting, completely natural looking

- Do it yourself with instant results

- No ongoing maintenance costs

- No damage to your hair

- No additional hair products required

- treat as you would you own hair